Czech VR Stereoscopic 3D Videos Available on PSVR for Free

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Great news today! The stereoscopic 3D video playback is finally available on PSVR via the Littlstar VR Cinema app version 1.07 and above. This app now allows sideloaded files playback. The only thing you need to do is download our video via computer, add “_180_sbs” to the end of the filename, save it on an usb drive into a folder named Littlstar and then connect the drive to your PS. Then you are ready to start the Littlstar Cinema App, go to the library and enjoy our high quality videos!

Your PSVR system should be able to play the smartphone HQ file. We would like to hear from you PSVR users, what is your experience playing our files? To try the full experience there is still our Christmas FREE FULL VIDEO DOWNLOAD available here:

And if you will search you can find even more free full length videos here. We are looking forward to your feedback!